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It's international moment of laughter day!


To celebrate our love of cars along with the joy of laughter, we're bringing you some highlights from funniest moments in recent NASCAR racing history.


In 2018, at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Chris Buescher spun off the track and slammed into a barrier with an ad on it. After correcting course, Buescher ran the majority of the rest of the track trailing a banner ad for Echo Park Automotive behind him.

[Image via Next Impulse Sports]


Later in the very same race, JJ Yeley crashed into a very similar barrier on Lap 75. Yeley ended up dragging a Bojangles sponsorship sign along with him for awhile. Eventually he pulled in for a pitstop and the crew removed the sign.


[Image via USA Today]


In 2004 during the Xfinity Series qualifying roudns, a giant inflatable orange from sponsor Tropicana Orange Juice got loose on the speedway. This 20-foot inflatable fruit caught some wind, and began barreling down the track after NASCAR driver Todd Szegedy whizzed on by. Eventually the safety crew was able to secure the rogue citrus and the race continued.


In 2015, a local area rabbit decided to try its luck as a contender in the Camping World Truck Series of NASCAR in Bristol! You may remember the tortoise and the hare, but this little wild rabbit had bigger dreams when it ran out onto the speedway. 


In 2016 during the Xfinity Series practice run at the Michigan International Speedway, a rogue groundhog was loose on the track. Nearly a dozen employees attempted to wrangle the little furball for several minutes before racing could resume.


In 2017 during a practice run at the Auto Club Speedway, an Owl made its way out onto the race track, pausing activity until they could chase it off track into a safe area so it could recover its injured wing.


Check out clips of these highlights and more below:


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