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It’s National Laundry Day!


Since today is national laundry day, we thought we’d help our fellow gearheads with a handy guide to removing the grease and grime of automotive repair.  With our helpful hints, you can remedy the muck and mess left behind after a day spent in the garage on your project car.  Check it out and feel free to leave your tips in a comment!



Removing Grit and Grime from Garage Attire


Removing Grease and Motor Oil and gasoline: For fresh grease and oil which hasn’t set into fabric yet, a bit of cornstarch or baby powder will do the trick in about 10 minutes.  These two substances help absorb grease and fluids from the fabric, making it easy to scrub out the stain after.  Once that’s done its job of absorbing, you’ll want to take a good quality dishsoap or liquid stain remover and apply to an old toothbrush.  Gently scrub at the stained area before tossing it in the laundry with warm water.  Make sure you DO NOT place oil/grease stained clothes in the dryer until you’ve retreated it with a stain remover.  Heat from the dryer will set any oil/grease stains into the fabric permanently!


Antifreeze:  This one requires a little more effort and energy.  Stretch the antifreeze stained fabric tautly, and run under very hot water to rinse out the fluids.  Next, get a good quality liquid laundry detergent, apply to a soft rag, and work it in circular motions on the afflicted spot.  Rinse again under hot water, and then apply detergent with a color-safe bleach alternative, or color-safe bleach.  Let that sit overnight before laundering in hot water.



Road salt and grit/clay:  To remove strong road salts and grit from clothes, soak the fabrics in cool water for a few hours.  Wring the clothes out, and apply some distilled white vinegar to the stains.   Let that sit for a few minutes before laundering as usual.


Body Odor and Sweat Stains:  Place the clothes in a bucket or basin of water mixed with lemon and distilled white vinegar.  Allow the clothing to sit for several hours before tossing in the laundry and washing as usual.  If your fabric is yellowed after washing, try a little Baking Soda or Oxy Clean and allow it to sit overnight before rinsing in the washing machine.


Colored Liquids or Dyed Fluids:  Rubbing alcohol or gel based alcohol hand sanitizers can be applied on the back of the stained fabric areas, and blot gently with a cotton ball or cotton pad until the stain begins to lift.



Recommended Laundry and Stain Removal Products:

The Pink Stuff

A jar of this stuff will go a long, long way!  CCI’s “The Pink Stuff” is a degreaser with industrial strength power to clean stains and odors from most fabrics.  It’s excellent at removing oils and contaminants from tough to clean fabric and material.


Stain Solution by The Laundress

Set-in stains can require a little elbow grease and patience.  Thanks to “The Laundress” this solution is a powerful concentrated liquid stain remover to make your life easier.  You can spot-clean up to 200 stains with one bottle.


Out ProWash for WorkWear

Great powdered cleaning solution for pretreating and washing your industrial workwear and garage clothes and other active wear.  Helps remove smoke, musty scents, body sweat, and then some.  Safe for all fabrics.


SweatX Sport Extreme Stain Remover

This professional grade spray is excellent for removing stubborn stains like grease, sweat, and other substances.  Pretreat your laundry with this and allow it to sit before laundering.  Penetrates deep into the fabric fibers for superior stain removal.

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