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4 Simple Tips for Spring Car Maintenance 


Did you know that April is National Car Care Month?

Well, you do now! And that’s why we’re back with our handy heads-up guide to car care and maintenance.


After being battered and beaten during winter storms, corrosive road salt and grit, and plenty of iced-in on street parking, your car is going to need a little TLC. So check out our handy spring cleaning tips and get your vehicle in tip-top shape so you’re ready to get out there and enjoy your vacay!


Make sure to have your car’s battery tested and replaced if needed.


The chilly winter weather can put a strain on your car battery as it works harder to warm up.  With the rising temps of summer heat just around the corner, you don’t want to strain a weakened battery with overheating and corrosion!  Avoid unnecessary roadside breakdowns by making sure to have your battery tested, reconditioned, and replaced if need be.



Schedule an oil change and request an oil filter replacement.


Any responsible car owner can tell you that regular oil changes are a must to keep your car in proper condition.  Setting your schedule with seasonal maintenance can be helpful in remembering to regularly check your oil!  As the engine gets lubricated with motor oil, used to cool and clean its system, the oil can sometimes pick up impurities and dirt along the way.  That’s no cause for concern, unless you forget to swap out your oil every 3k-5k miles and replace it with clean fluid.  Why? Dirty oil is less effective as it ages and picks up those impurities, and causes your engine to function less optimally.  So regular oil and filter changes are imperative to keep your car running smoothly and reliably!



Check those tires and monitor tread depth.


There’s a reason this checkpoint is on almost every single list no matter the season. Your tires are an essential part of vehicle safety!  Without properly inflated tires and safe tread depth, you can get into serious trouble on the road if you need to stop short or avoid anything obstructing your pat.  Fluctuations in weather conditions and outside temperatures can cause tires to expand and deflate as temps rise and fall.  This can put a strain on your tires or cause them to reduce in pressure.  For every 10 degrees in changes, you can lose or gain 1 PSI.  Without sufficient treads, your tires cannot properly grip the pavement or roads causing your vehicle's handling to become unsafe and difficult.  Go check those treads, get any leaks or holes repaired, and replace low-tread or bald tires immediately.


Replace wipers and make sure your wiper fluid is full.


After a season of clearing ice, snow, and salt your wiper blades aren’t going to be at their optimal condition.  Make sure that you’re prepared for those April Showers with crisp, clean, fresh wiper blades!  Consider retreating your windshield with a hydrophobic coating as well with something like RainX or similar.  Make sure you also refill your windshield wiper fluid tank since it’s likely depleted from rinsing all the winter salt and grime away!  Choose one that aids your hydrophobic treatment for clear vision.  Many are also rated for removing smooshed bugs or bird droppings to prevent smudging and streaking!


Have a safe and happy start to the spring season
from all of us at Koeppel Auto Group!

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