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Koeppel Kares Celebrates the International Day of Peace 2020


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In these days of physical distancing, we may not be able to stand next to one another. But we must still stand together for peace."

  • António Guterres


Today, September 21st, is the International Day of Peace.  This worldwide holiday was established in 1981 by the United Nations, promoting a day for all of humanity to commit to a vow of peaceful coexistence above all their differences.  Each year this day also carries a theme on which countries and communities may focus; this year’s theme is “Shaping Peace Together.” 

Learn more on today's blog!

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Happy Labour Day from Koeppel Auto Group and Koeppel Kares




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Thank you to the workforce of America from all of us at Koeppel Auto Group!


This year for Labor Day we’d like to celebrate all of the strength, community, and resilience of the American workforce.  We here at Koeppel Auto Group understand that 2020 has been a very difficult year for everyone; we send our heartfelt love out to all of our community and neighbours in support and solidarity.



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Koeppel Kares - Supporting and Honoring WWII Veterans

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Koeppel Kares about the community, and today we’re paying our respects to armed forces and WWII veterans.  There are lots of ways to support our military veterans such as providing vital mental health/wellness and financial services, donating to national and local foundations, training service dogs, building homes, and providing meal kit deliveries.  Check out our list below to learn more about the history of our WWII veterans, and how to best support these brave members of our vibrant community right here in New York.

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August 26th is Just Because Day


Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t make enough time to do what we love in life. We’re always flitting about from here to there, dragging the kids to this class or that sport, running from pitch meeting to presentations, then back home again.  By the end of the day we slump on the couch in a pile of blankets and call it a loss. We don’t set aside enough time for joy, relaxation, fun, and play!  But enough is enough - if you were looking for an excuse to take a day and do what you love…

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August 17th is National Thrift Store Day!

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It’s National Thrift Shop day and we’re going to outfit you with an amazing selection of stores and shops to visit.  The days of Fast Fashion and mass-produced decor are O-V-E-R, or they will be once you learn the fine art of Thrifting.  


Nothing compares to the thrill of the hunt for fine vintage fashions and decor, and the unparalleled high of finding that perfect rare collectible!  It’s time to take your brand-new car for a spin, and stuff that trunk  to the gills with all your treasure-hunting finds.  Read up on how to score the best…

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August 13th is Left Hander's Day!

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August 13th is the 30th annual celebration of National Lefthanders Day!  Shout from the rooftops: you’re proud of being left-handed (or ambidextrous!)

If you’re left-handed you already know what it’s like to live in a world with dominant right-handers. We’ve got a list of great products to make your lives easier!  From mugs to scissors to kitchen tools, we’ve got tools built just for you.


Tools to help improve your daily home and office living:

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Koeppel Kares About Our Community!

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We help, because we can – and should. We care, because we live here, too. Koeppel Auto Group has never been about just providing automotive sales and service to the community. For 83 years, Koeppel has been a neighbor in the community. That’s why we’re dedicated to doing what good neighbors do: See a need, and pitch in.


These organizations are always in need of help, donations, and your time.  Some are even hiring! Join us in supporting them! And if you know of other causes, services, or organizations in need we’d like to hear about it. 

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August 1st is National Campfire Day!

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It’s National Campfire Day!  Planning a family camping trip might seem like a challenge, but we’re here to help make it a breeze.  Soon you’ll be smelling that fresh mountain air, feeling the crunch of dirt under your feet on the trails, and roasting soft and gooey marshmallows over the open fire.  Check out our list of tips and tricks for family camping, then hop in your brand family-friendly SUV and hit the road!


Here’s a list of Update New York Campgrounds open for 2020 visits! Just a drive away in your new Koeppel Auto Group…

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National Dance Day


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It’s National Dance Day!


Whether you’re bopping along in your car during rush hour, shakin’ your tail feathers on the dance floor, or having a me-party at home in your PJs on a friday night, we know a good beat is impossible to resist. Waltz into the week with these upbeat suggestions for danceable playlists and incredible choreography with dancing and cars. Read on for Playlists, Dance Videos and More!

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