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Are you ready to purchase a car but need a loan? We can reveal how it's possible for you to get Queens Bad Credit Car Loans. Here's a few tips to help with the process. There are three primary lending sources available to car buyers: banks, credit unions, and automakers. Loans from any of these sources can come from the dealer who acts as a middleman and financially gains in the process. Neither of these choices are inherently cheaper than the ot
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Koeppel donates car to QSAC

QSAC Gala & Koeppel Annual Car Raffle was held June 17. Koeppel Auto Group donated a 2014 Nissan Versa to a lucky raffle winner (to be announced)! All raffle donations went to QSAC and their amazing work to support the Autistic Community of NYC!

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Koeppel supports the QSAC


Today Koeppel Subaru Sales Manager Jimmy Bozza presented a check to QSAC -- Quality Services for Autistic Citizens -- to support their programs for the NYC autism community. Accepting the check was QSAC's Executive Director Gary Maffei and QSAC's Director of Developement Joseph Amodeo. #QSAC #KoeppelSubaru #KoeppelAutoGroup #SharetheLove #Subaru
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Koeppel Nissan finished December and 2013 on top!

Koeppel Nissan is proud to announce it finished the month of December as #1 in District 3 with 184 sales, #76 in the Nation and #11 in the Northeast Region!

For 2013, Koeppel Nissan finished #1 in District 3 with 2,373 sales, #35 in the Nation and #8 in the Northeast Region!


Source: Nissan North America, Inc., District 3 - New York City.
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Koeppel donates new car in support of Autism

In celebration of QSAC's 35th Anniversary, QSAC raffled off a new car!

Koeppel Auto Group planned to donate a VW Golf, Nissan Versa, Subaru Impreza, or a Mazda 3, which the grand prize winner chose from at QSAC's 35th Anniversary Gala on Tuesday, June 18.

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